consumers love almonds with chocolate

Almonds are #1

Nuts were included in nearly half of
global consumers' last chocolate occasions,
and almonds were the most popular.

Imagine Almonds

When imagining their ideal chocolate bar,
consumers across the globe would choose
almonds first.

The Tippiing Point

⅔ of consumers stated they're more
likely to buy chocolate with almonds
than without.

Better For You

Seventy-seven percent of respondents
felt adding almonds to chocolate made
it more nutritious.

Bringing The Taste

Nearly ¾ of consumers believe
chocolate tastes better with almonds.

A Satisfying Combination

Consumers worldwide believe almonds
make chocolate more satisfying,
uplifting, and relaxing.



What lets you stir up passion in
Chocolate lovers? Almonds, of course.

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pile of almonds - plain and chocolate