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: October 2014

Assessing Almond Production’s Ability to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Recently several Almond Board of California staffers attended and sponsored the Ninth International Life Cycle Assessment of Foods Conference in San Francisco. The event, known as LCA Foods 2014, was hosted by the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, and united the scientific community with food industry professionals, researchers, academics and policy makers. This was the first time the conference had been held outside of Europe, and served as an opportunity to enhance U.S. agriculture through sustainability.Read more »

Almonds and Honey Bees: A Sweet Partnership

What comes to mind when you think of bees? For most of us, it’s keeping a wary eye on them as they circle our picnic or the painful memory of a childhood sting. But not for almond growers. An almond grower looks at a bee and sees an indispensable business partner.Read more »