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: December 2014

The State of an Orchard

Recently on a regional, agriculture-focused radio show here in California, almond grower Tom Rogers talked about the challenges and opportunities facing the almond industry today, with numerous examples from his own orchards. He touched on how he’s dealing with water shortages, and lessons he and his brother are learning about how they can irrigate most efficiently and effectively.Read more »

Study Shows How Almonds Lead to Jobs and Economic Opportunities for California

When it comes to the economic impacts of California almonds, maybe you’ve thought about the jobs on the farm and in the orchard, but did you know almonds also put people to work at hulling and shelling plants and manufacturing facilities, as well as generate jobs in supporting industries such as packaging and trucking? These employees then spend their hard-earned money at local restaurants and shops, on activities with their families, and any number of other goods and services in their community from groceries to new cars to school teachers.Read more »