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: October 2015

Almond Industry and Sustainable Conservation Partnership Explores Almond Acreage Groundwater Recharge

The Almond Board of California and Sustainable Conservation, a conservation nonprofit that unites people to steward California’s resources in ways that make economic sense, announced a new partnership focused on exploring the potential of California’s one million acres of almond orchards to recharge Central Valley... Read more »

Almond Industry Innovation In Action

Historically early adopters of innovative approaches to irrigation and production methods, almond growers continue pushing the envelope with their support for new technologies and approaches to water use efficiency. Most recently, the Almond Board of California invested in UC Davis research to develop technology that... Read more »

Sustainability and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines

National Public Radio (NPR) recently quoted language from an editorial in Science magazine that states: “’With 80 percent of the world’s almonds growing in drought-stricken California, should consumers be advised to limit almond consumption and consider alternatives that consume fewer resources?’” Part of the response... Read more »

Almond Orchard Experience Brings Farming to Life for Nutrition and Fitness Experts

For the sixth year in a row, the Almond Board of California brought together about two dozen prominent nutrition and fitness professionals from all over the U.S. and Canada for a three-day, hands-on “Almond Orchard Experience” covering production, nutrition research, and culinary applications of almonds, so the... Read more »