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: December 2015

Groundwater Recharge: Nothing New for Fresno County Almond Grower

Almond grower Don Cameron of Terranova Ranch is investing in infrastructure to better use his farmland for groundwater recharge because he understands the importance of restoring them for the use of his own farm as well as the whole community around it. He and other growers were among the first to work with... Read more »

El Niño or Not, California Almond Growers Continually Drive Water Efficiency and Innovation

Whether El Niño conditions produce above average winter precipitation or not, California’s almond growers hope for the best and plan for the worst, continually looking for new and better ways to more efficiently and responsibly use water to grow the most crop per drop.Read more »

Almond Industry Launches Strategic Plan to Accelerate Innovation and Sustainability

At last week’s, annual Almond Conference, Almond Board of California announced a new program aimed at accelerating innovative farming practices and propelling the industry forward.Read more »

Almond Farmers Never Stop Learning

This post was written by Kern County almond grower Jenny Holtermann and originally appeared on her blog, You Say All-mend, I Say Am-end on Dec. 4, 2015. As Jenny describes, The Almond Conference is this week, Dec. 8-10, at the Sacramento Convention Center. Close to 3,000 attendees representing all facets of the... Read more »

Can Growing Almonds Fight Climate Change?

Click to Enlarge This weekend the Almond Board of California is running an ad in an insertion for USA Today readers in New York, Washington, DC and Los Angeles about organizations working to reduce their carbon footprint. The insertion aims to “highlight leaders who have been putting in the extra effort to make their... Read more »