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: May 2015

The Power of Protein: Three Must-Have Moves to Master This Nutrient

Protein is one of the hottest topics in the nutrition world these days, and with good reason: it plays an important role in keeping hunger at bay, building lean muscle tissue, and helping blood sugar stay stable between meals and snacks. [1] Add to that the growing interest around protein’s role in satiety and weight... Read more »

Environmental Tour Showcases Almond Water Challenges and Stewardship

Water and its efficient use in almond production topped discussion at the 12 th annual Almond Board Environmental Stewardship Tour on May 8 in Firebaugh, CA. Dozens of representatives from the media and state, federal and local regulatory agencies that oversee pesticides, water and air quality toured Bill Diedrich... Read more »

U.S. Dietary Guidelines: Our Public Comments

Every five years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) jointly publish a new edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. A new edition is due out in December 2015. The Dietary Guidelines provides advice for making food and physical activity choices... Read more »

More Almonds Does Not Equal More Water for Agriculture

As California suffers through a historic drought, many in our state have looked at the acres of almond orchards throughout the Central Valley and assumed that the rapid growth in our industry has contributed to the state’s woes. With headlines like “It takes 1 gallon of water to grow an almond,” it seems easy to... Read more »

Statement from the Almond Board of California on the White House Pollinator Health Task Force Strategy

The Almond Board of California (ABC) thanks the White House, USDA, and the many other agencies on the federal Pollinator Health Task Force for their diligent work developing the federal strategy to understand, prevent and recover from critical declines in pollinator populations, particularly honeybees. Without... Read more »