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: February 2016

A Partnership as Sweet as Honey

From Chico to Bakersfield, almond orchards are covered in white blossoms with bees carrying pollen from blossom to blossom. Without honey bees hard work in the orchards this time of year, there simply wouldn’t be any almonds!Read more »

The California Almond Community Works Hard to Safeguard Honey Bees – Our Vital Partners in Producing Almonds

Millions of the California Almond industry’s hardest working partners – honey bees – are buzzing into the orchards to pollinate billions of almond blossoms in the process to produce this year’s crop. In doing so they will feast on almond pollen, -- their honey bees’ first natural food source following winter -- and pollinating billions of almond blossoms in the process to produce this year’s crop. This The essential, age-old relationship between honey bees and almonds is the single largest managed pollination event in the world.Read more »

Whole Orchard Recycling Could Benefit Soil Quality and Provide Additional Carbon Sequestration

California almond growers are examining new ways to deal with tree biomass produced by the removal of old orchards other than cogeneration burning. While sending the biomass to cogeneration converts the wood to electricity, returning the wood back to the soil would return the nutrients and energy back to the soil... Read more »

Modesto Almond Farmer Banks Local Stormwater

Almond Farmer Nick Blom East of San Francisco in the heart of the Central Valley, almond farmer Nick Blom is intentionally flooding 15 acres of almond trees in Modesto. Researchers at the University of California, Davis are working with Almond Board of California and Sustainable Conservation to test if Blom’s orchard... Read more »

Handy Resources for Everything You Want to Know About the Almond Industry

Almond Board of California takes pride in having an open-door policy, which is why we have brought some of our key resources and tools together on one handy new factsheet. These resources help reporters, consumers and others learn about California almonds and show the public that our actions are in line with our intentions as we work with the California almond community to accelerate innovation in key areas and increase overall sustainability[1].Read more »