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: May 2016

Make It Mediterranean for Good Health

There’s no shortage of research demonstrating the health benefits of eating the Mediterranean way. Research suggests that following a Mediterranean pattern of eating may help stabilize blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease and other health issues. May is International Mediterranean Diet Month, so now is the perfect time to learn more about how to incorporate this way of eating into your lifestyle.Read more »

Almond Board Expands Groundwater Recharge Program with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Partnership

Almond Board of California and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) recently announced a new partnership focused on better understanding subsurface water storage, quality and movement in relation to almond orchard groundwater recharge test sites. This important research builds on the Almond Board’s ongoing research efforts to understand the potential of using California’s almond orchards for groundwater recharge.Read more »

California Almond Exports Help Feed the World, Support State and U.S. Economies

This post was written by Stanislaus County almond grower Jim Jasper of Stewart and Jasper Orchards. Stewart & Jasper has expanded over the years and is now an integrated operation involving thousands of acres - a leader in hulling, shelling, processing and marketing almonds to California and the world through both... Read more »

Davis Enterprise Op-Ed: Almond Growers Focus on Water Efficiency

President and CEO of the Almond Board of California, Richard Waycott, recently penned an opinion piece for the Davis Enterprise about the California almond community’s long-standing commitment to efficient, responsible and sustainable use of water resources to irrigate almond orchards – something that has continued throughout the drought and even after a winter of El Niño storms.Read more »

Almond Crop Forecast Predicts Growth

Each May, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) issues the first of two California Almond Forecast reports, the Almond Subjective Forecast. This report is subjective, as it is based on the opinions of randomly selected almond growers throughout the state who are asked to estimate the total amount... Read more »