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: June 2016

Almond Board Expands Ag in the Classroom Education

Many students, and even adults for that matter, don’t realize that almonds grow on trees. Even more, they’re often unaware that California is an agricultural powerhouse with more than 400 crops grown here. Almond Board of California (ABC) is committed to closing this gap in understanding; specifically educating... Read more »

Bee-ing Good Partners for Honey Bee Health

Honey bees are essential to agriculture — helping produce approximately one in three bites of the food we eat. They are also essential to the vitality of the almond community. Without the honey bees that pollinate our trees every spring, there would be no almonds. And without almond blossoms, the bees would lose their... Read more »

Pollinator Week Shines Light on the Essential Role Honey Bees Play in Daily Life

National Pollinator Week, June 20-26, reminds us of the essential role pollinators play in global food security and, specific to almonds, the vital partnership between growing almonds and honey bees. Almond growers know, understand and value this relationship which plays out each year in pollinating California’s... Read more »

New Irrigation Tool Increases Efficiency, Helps Growers Streamline Decision-making

Water efficiency is a priority for California almond growers, who know first-hand how vital, and at times scarce, this resource can be. That’s why Almond Board of California (ABC) developed an Irrigation Calculator which automatically calculates the best timing and amount of irrigation water for growers to apply in... Read more »

Longstanding Research Commitment to Tree Breeding Leads to Increased Efficiencies

When the Almond Board’s research program began in 1973, one of the first projects funded was traditional almond breeding research. Focused on improving almond varieties and rootstocks, this research has been ongoing with University of California experts each year since, and aims to develop high yielding almond trees... Read more »