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: August 2016

New Summary of Research Findings Supports Almonds’ Role in Heart Health

Let the cholesterol education efforts begin! September kicks off National Cholesterol Education Month, a time dedicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to encourage Americans to get their blood cholesterol checked and to take steps to lower it if it is high. Numerous studies have shown the delicious... Read more »

Almond Rows Alive With the Sound of Harvest

Harvest melodies are once again flowing through the Central Valley. First comes the pitter-patter of almonds being shaken to the ground, then the low rumble as sweepers assemble the nuts in tidy rows down the orchard aisles, and finally with the pick-up machine’s mechanical hum as it lifts almonds off the ground. With... Read more »

Almond Board Explores Alternative Uses of Almond Byproducts

As you may know, the almond is made up of three parts; the hull, the shell, and the kernel. Californian almond growers use all three parts of the almond as a part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability. In addition to the kernel we eat, hulls are sold as livestock feed, which reduces the amount of water used to... Read more »

Making the Rounds in D.C.

Educating federal agencies, legislators and staff members about the complexities of issues affecting the California almond industry was the focus of a June trip to Washington D.C. by a delegation of Almond Board of California staff and almond industry members. Almond production and market development issues topped the... Read more »

Evolving Research Leads FDA to Re-evaluate Definition of "Healthy" Foods

On May 10, 2016, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced upcoming changes to the Nutrition Facts panel (food label). We are pleased that along with those changes, the FDA also recently announced its intention to reevaluate its definition of the term “healthy”. “In light of evolving nutrition research, …... Read more »