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Pollinators and Farmer Win Big with Blooming Buffet for Bees

Did you know that without bees and other pollinators like them, almonds – along with many of our other favorite foods – simply wouldn't exist? It’s true . Lakhy Sran, partner and second-generation farmer at the Fresno County-based Sran Family Orchards , knows how important a healthy bee population is to almonds and... Read more »

A Year in Review: The Almond Board of California

As we finish up the 2016 almond harvest, we are embarking on what we call a new “crop year” – meaning the time from harvest to harvest. The past crop year of Aug. 2015 – Aug. 2016, saw more than 1.8 billion pounds of almonds, 3.7 billion pounds of hulls, and 1.3 billion pounds of shell shaken from California’s almond... Read more »

Honey Bee Pavilion Debuts at Stanislaus County Fair

This harvest season Almond Board of California’s Honey Bee Pavilion made its debut at the Stanislaus County Fair, July 8-17. With graphics and facts, the exhibit’s goal was to educate fairgoers on beekeepers’ yearly duties, the role of bees in pollinating almonds and the Almond Board’s commitment to protecting honey... Read more »

Bee-ing Good Partners for Honey Bee Health

Honey bees are essential to agriculture — helping produce approximately one in three bites of the food we eat. They are also essential to the vitality of the almond community. Without the honey bees that pollinate our trees every spring, there would be no almonds. And without almond blossoms, the bees would lose their... Read more »

Pollinator Week Shines Light on the Essential Role Honey Bees Play in Daily Life

National Pollinator Week, June 20-26, reminds us of the essential role pollinators play in global food security and, specific to almonds, the vital partnership between growing almonds and honey bees. Almond growers know, understand and value this relationship which plays out each year in pollinating California’s... Read more »