Central Valley Reacts to Almond Orchard 2025 Goals

Posted March 26th, 2019

Recently, the Almond Board of California announced the Almond Orchard 2025 Goals, which focus on the almond community’s dedication to growing good in our orchards and beyond.

With targets across zero waste, water efficiency, pest management and air quality, the goals build off decades of previous achievements and represent the almond community’s public commitment to continuous improvement.

Check out some of the chatter about the announcement from our neighbors around the Central Valley:

Almond industry goals ensure sustainability, Turlock Journal

California’s almond industry is comprised of nearly 7,000 farmers throughout the state who have been committed to growing their crops in better, safer and healthier ways for decades. Goals announced by the almond community on Thursday aim to build on that promise, setting new, industry-wide standards that will benefit both the public and the environment.

Almond farm of the future envisioned as doing more with less, Chico Enterprise-Record

The almond orchard of the future will use less water and pesticide, and generate less waste and harvest-time dust, if goals announced Thursday morning by the Almond Board of California are met… The target year is 2025, and by then the board said it is seeking to create a sustainable future for almond farming that is ecologically sound, economically sound and socially equitable.

Almond board announces new goals to sustainability, Stockton Record

The [Almond Orchard Goals 2025] are voluntary for farmers to adopt, and the Almond Board will evaluate progress on a continual basis. The goals build on past sustainable farming initiatives meant to ensure the future of an industry that has multi-generation families at its core.