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Sustainability: Not Just a Buzzword!

Sustainability 1 was the overarching theme at the annual Almond Conference in December, with sessions dedicated to continuous improvement — including how attendees can apply new, research-based growing practices to improve their operations while reducing their footprint. During Wednesday’s luncheon panel, Dr. Jeff... Read more »

Newly Approved Almond Pasteurizing System Uses Electromagnets to Attack Pathogens

Above all, the Almond Board of California (ABC) is committed to providing consumers with almonds that are both delicious and safe to eat. The ABC Food Safety Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) recently approved a new tool to its arsenal of systems used to pasteurize almonds while maintaining their nutritional value... Read more »

Magazine Profiles the Almond Industry’s Scope And Commitment to Food Safety

The origins of California’s agricultural boom harken back to the 1850s, during the Gold Rush. And now, our state is the nation’s leading agricultural and food manufacturing powerhouse, and it sets the “gold” standard for food quality and safety. In its recent article “California’s Abundant Agricultural Commodities... Read more »

California Almonds: The “Ne Plus Ultra” of Quality Control

Thanks to the California almond industry’s quality control programs, consumers around the world enjoy the consistent high quality and safety of California almonds. In fact, the food safety program established by Almond Board of California (ABC) is held up as a prime example in the produce industry. You might say, like... Read more »