A Growing Opportunity for Almond Milk

Posted March 23rd, 2018

Got almond milk? In 2017, many Americans did have some, with the category growing to be the second largest almond volume category, according to retail estimates. With this opportunity, the Almond Board launched new communications initiatives in the U.S. and Canada around the versatility of almond milk.

After a series of consumer research, a new campaign was developed called “All the Places Almond Milk Can Go,” to specifically target current almond milk lovers. This audience is familiar with popular uses of almond milk in cereal, coffee, smoothies. But there are so many more ways to enjoy it as the flavor and texture goes with pretty much everything.

The campaign has started communicating with almond milk lovers through social media. One main component was partnering with Chef Dan Churchill, of Scripps Networks’ Feast with Friends and Good Morning America. Chef Dan was also awarded the honor of being Lindsey Vonn’s personal chef during the Winter Olympics. And he is such an almond milk fan, that when he was asked what Lindsey Vonn eats by the Today Show, he shared the almond milk hot chocolate he makes for her. Other news outlets such as Health.com, Sports Illustrated covered this as well.

Dan Churchill headshot Chef Dan led his Instagram followers in a discovery of different almond milk recipes by showing a teaser for two recipes for each breakfast, dinner and dessert, then based on the followers votes between the two recipes he created and shared videos of the full recipe. The winning recipes can be found on almonds.com here. These recipes were featured to in an “All Almond Milk Menu” media event, where Chef Dan described to top tier media such as Reader’s Digest, Real Simple, and Women’s Health, the great benefits of using almond milk in a wide range of recipes.

No Bake Almond Cheesecake.jpg

Lastly, we’ve partnered with great recipe creators to showcase how to incorporate almond milk across a variety of foods. For example, these yummy creations: a “brownie” breakfast bake, and a creamy roasted carrot soup.

 Follow along with the inspiring almond milk content we are creating, and perhaps share amongst your social networks. The place to be is: www.almonds.com/consumers/almond-milk