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Almond Harvest: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Click to EnlargeThis post was written by Kern County almond grower Jenny Holtermann and originally appeared on her blog, You Say All-mend, I Say Am-end on July 30, 2015. As described in the first post of this series, almond harvest timing… Read more

Almond Harvest: An Overview

For the California Almond community, harvest is the busiest time of year. Harvest generally occurs between August and mid-October as it spans across several different almond varieties and through varied micro-climates within California’s… Read more

Almond Growers: Sharing The Facts and Telling Our Story

California almond farmers are really good at growing almonds, and truly exceptional when it comes to growing them in a sustainable1 manner.  For decades, California almond growers have shown their adaptability by investing in… Read more

Growing Almonds is Close to Carbon Neutral

Last month the University of California, Davis released new Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) research demonstrating that reusing co-products from producing and harvesting almonds is key to the industry's environmental impact and further… Read more

Almonds are Unique in Many Ways, Except One: the Amount of Water They Use

California’s Mediterranean climate makes it the ideal growing region for a diversity of crops – fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more – many of which aren’t grown anywhere else in the United States. According to the USDA, California produces… Read more