The Almond Board Wishes You a Happy Holiday!

Did you know the Almond Board has a presence in 11 different countries? It’s true! You can find us wrapping up another successful year in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Japan, China and India. The… Read more

Almond Board Makes $6.8 Million Investment to Support the Almond Community’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement

To kick off its 46th annual Almond Conference, the Almond Board of California (ABC) announced a $6.8 million investment in 75 independent research projects supporting next-generation farming practices. These projects and the… Read more

Farmers are Doing the Mummy Shake to Prepare for Next Year’s Almond Crop

Halloween may be long gone, but mummies could be lurking in almond orchards – mummy nuts, that is! Mummy nuts are what almond farmers call the nuts that remain on the trees after harvest. The normally fuzzy, green outer hull darkens and… Read more

California Almond Community Raises Nearly $15,000 for California FFA Foundation

As harvest wrapped up this year, the California Almond Leadership program held its inaugural golf tournament fundraiser. Eighty-eight growers, handlers, and almond community members from throughout the Central Valley assembled at Dragonfly… Read more

The Sights and Sounds of #AlmondHarvest 2018

Throughout this year’s almond harvest, our farmers and community have been posting on social media to take you behind the scenes to see the work being done to bring your favorite nut from orchard to table! Take a look…    … Read more

National Farmer’s Day: Celebrating California’s Almond Farmers

Today is National Farmer’s Day – a time to honor and thank farmers for all of their hard work year round growing the healthy, delicious foods we need and love! This day is celebrated in October at the end of harvest season, when… Read more

Good for You, Good for California

California is uniquely suited to growing almonds, and its farmers produce 80% of the world’s supply, supporting healthy, diverse diets – full of protein, fiber, and good fat – across the globe. While good for you, almonds are also good… Read more

From Orchard to Table: The California Almond Harvest Story

It’s the most wonderful – and the busiest – time of the year for the California Almond community! In a short window of time – mid-August to October – 80% of the world’s almonds are shook from the trees, swept into rows, picked up, and… Read more

Employee Q&A: Hannah Young, Industry Relations Summer Intern

In our ABC Q&A series, we bring you brief interviews with some of the minds driving innovation at the Almond Board of California. We speak to a wide variety of folks who work here at the Almond Board, exploring topics from research, to… Read more

How Farmers Prepare for Almond Harvest All Year Long

Almond Board of California is celebrating its community by running occasional features on farmers, processors, and others who support the industry, highlighting their commitment to sustainability.1 Stanislaus County almond farmer Gordon… Read more