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California Almond Chocolate Truffles

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100 grams Semi- Sweet Dark Chocolate

30 grams Almond Butter

30 grams Almond Milk

20 grams Espresso

1 gram Chili Powder

1 gram Salt, Kosher

50 grams Diced Almonds, Toasted

30 grams Cocoa Nibs, Toasted

10 grams Almond Flour, Toasted



1) Over a double boiler, melt the chocolate in a stainless steel bowl. Stiring occasionally.

2) In a sauce pan, add almond butter, almond milk, espresso, chili powder, and kosher salt. Heat the ingredients until they reach a boil and are mixed well.

3) When the chocolate id fully melted, emulsify the almond butter mixture into the chocolate.

4) Spread the chocolate mixture in a thin layer on a plastic lined half sheet tray. Cover with another piece of plastic and allow to cool at room temperature.

5) Once the chocolate is cool, place the chocolate under refrigeration for 2 hours to set and cool completely.

6) Remove the chocolate from refrigeration. Using a gram scale, portion the chocolate mixture into 10 gram portions.

7) Mix the diced almonds, cocoa nibs, and almond flour in a bowl.

8) Roll the portioned chocolate mixture into symmetrical balls and place into the diced almond mixture.

9) Coat the truffles evenly.

Note: If making the truffles ahead of time, do not coat with the diced almond mixture until you are ready to serve. The truffles without the coating can be stored under refrigeration in a sealed airtight container.


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Karen Faurot (not verified) March 15, 2016

The truffles look yummy, but, will be difficult to calculate in grams.