Celebrate Almonds the Entire Month of February with 20 Craveable Almond Snacks and Heart-Smart Nutrition Tips from RDN Marisa Moore

Almond Day may only come once a year on February 16, but there are so many great reasons to celebrate this heart-healthy nut, we’re taking over the entire month of February.* We’ve partnered with Registered Dietition Nutritionist Marisa Moore to introduce a variety of innovative ways to enjoy almonds in your daily snacking and meal plans, to last through February and beyond.

Marisa’s “Almonds Five Ways” Collections showcase the truly endless possibilities for almond snacks. Whether it be on-the-go or jazzing up some classic favorites, you’ll  find inspiration and creativity to boost your snack routine.  “Don’t be fooled by the small package,” Marisa says.  “Almonds are healthy, nutrient-dense and provide protein, fiber and good fat that keep you nourished all day long. They’re hands down the perfect snack…and you can combine them easily with so many other foods.”

Want another reason to celebrate? Almond Day falls within American Heart Month, providing another great reason to celebrate almonds. In fact, scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of almonds provides six grams of hunger-fighting protein, four grams of filling fiber and 13 grams of good, unsaturated fat. Read up on Marisa Moore’s heart-smart nutrition tips to keep up your positive momentum.

Marisa’s Heart-Smart Lifestyle Tips & Nutrition Swaps

  • Swap croutons for sliced almonds in salads. This simple swap adds a dose of good fats, protein and fiber and satisfies the crunch you crave in a salad.
  • Calm a sweet tooth with crave-worthy cocoa dusted almonds. One serving of almonds delivers 13 grams of good (unsaturated) fats, while the cocoa delivers compounds that you and your heart will swoon over.
  • Upgrade your toast. Spread almond butter on whole grain toast and top with smashed bananas and cinnamon for a nutty and satisfying breakfast or snack.
  • Crush cravings for something crispy. Use egg white and almond meal to coat and bake chicken or vegetables for a crunchy, heart-healthy crust that’s packed with fiber and flavor.
  • Put those good fats to work. Add a swirl of almond butter to oats for deliciously creamy oatmeal without a drop of cream.
  • With six grams of hunger-smashing protein and four grams of fiber per serving, almonds are a heart-healthy snack* that’s ready whenever and wherever you are. Crunch on a handful of almonds solo or with a piece of fruit for a satisfying snack.
  • Skimp on sugar. Sweeten oatmeal and yogurt with fruit like cooked apples or pears, berries, and bananas. Learn to love tea without sugar by adding fresh lemon or mint for a little extra zest. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon or unsweetened cocoa in your coffee for flavor without excess sugar.
  • Focus on fiber. Soluble fiber found in oats, barley, beans and some fruits and vegetables might help lower bad blood cholesterol levels. Start your day with an oat and raspberry bowl, enjoy a black bean burger for lunch, and end with a hearty barley soup for dinner to get a dose of soluble fiber throughout the day.
  • Veg out. We know that vegetables are frontline warriors for heart health yet 1 in 4 adults miss the mark. Think outside lunch and dinner to get more vegetables in each day. Add leftover vegetables to an omelet at breakfast or whip up a fruit and vegetable smoothie for a midday pick-me-up!
  • Challenge yourself to have pulses each day. Enjoy hummus with carrots or cucumbers as a mini meal, add pinto beans to a burrito bowl or add pureed white beans to soups and sauces for extra protein and fiber.


Check out Marisa’s “Almond Five Ways” recipes for more heart-smart, delicious ways to consume America’s favorite nut!

Snack Toast 5 Ways

For a quick and fun snack, whip up one of these tasty snack toast recipes.

Coconut Almond Sweet Potato Toast

Orange Ricotta Almond Sweet Potato Toast

Double Almond Cherry Sweet Potato Toast

Cardamom Almond Butter Pear Toast

Banana Almond Crunch Toast


Snack Bowls 5 Ways

Food in bowls is all the rage. These mini bowls are filled with almonds and other wholesome goodies for a fun and satisfying snack!

AB & J Yogurt Bowl

Almond Pesto Protein Bowl

Almond, Blueberry, Coconut Snack Bowl

Smoked Paprika Almond Popcorn Bowl

Frosty Chocolate Almond Mini-Smoothie Bowl


Produce-Powered Almond Snacks 5 Ways

These produce-powered almond snacks are made with wholesome ingredients to keep you energized all day long.

Hummus & Almond Stuffed Mini Peppers

Almond Parmesan Zucchini Chips

Pear Almond Bites

Spicy Almond Butter dip with Broccoli Florets

Double Almond Apple Cinnamon Rings


Make-Ahead Snacks 5 Ways

These snacks pack up and travel well for energy whenever and wherever you need it.

Maple Chile Roasted Almonds

Cherry Almond Energy Bites

Almond Peach Granola

Almond Butter Banana Cookies

No-Bake Almond Berry Bars



About Marisa Moore

Marisa is a trusted food and nutrition expert and registered dietitian nutritionist appearing regularly in national media outlets. Marisa has over ten years of experience working with clients to improve health outcomes in overall wellness, weight management, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease. Before launching her consultancy full-time, Marisa managed the nutrition worksite wellness program for the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). She is a past President of the Georgia Dietetic Association (GDA) and is an active member of the Robinson College Council of Business Young Leaders. Marisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and dietetics from Georgia State University and an MBA (Marketing) from that university’s Robinson College of Business. For recipes and wellness tips visit her website marisamoore.com, or visit her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.