Senior Manager, Field Outreach and Education

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This position will be responsible for key components as we implement an integrated approach to grower outreach and education focused on grower adoption of best practices related to but not limited to the Almond Orchard 2025 Goals.  These goals are designed to help growers with the adoption of best management practices to ensure that California almond production remains an economically, environmentally and socially responsible crop in California. Key components are:

  • Increased adoption of Integrated Pest Management
  • Reduced Harvest Dust
  • Continued Improvement of Water Use Efficiency
  • Utilization of Coproducts


This management level position is distinguished by its focus on the agricultural performance of almond growers; proactively leading the California almond industry in the adoption of innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. The principal focus of this position is outreach and education; accelerating grower adoption of best management in areas such as Irrigation Management, Integrated Pest Management and low dust harvesting techniques.

This position within ABC’s Global Communication Department will deal with the most important crop inputs required by almond growers. Water availability and quality, dust, and pest management will become even larger issues in the future, threatening almond growers right to farm in California.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: The following duties are typical of those performed by employees in this job title; however, employees may perform other related duties. This position will:

  • Develop an operational plan to provide growers with field evaluations and technical assistance in the areas of irrigation, pest management and dust reduction, including hiring, training, and supervision of team members
  • Coordinate with Agricultural Affairs staff in setting Field Outreach and Education goals and services for growers
  • Coordinate with State and Federal agencies, UC Cooperative Extension, and California State Universities, Pest Control Advisors, Certified Crop Advisors, and others, to promote improved management practices by California almond growers
  • Provide irrigation system evaluation information and services to California almond growers
  • Develop and maintain an irrigation water management section on the ABC website which serves as a single, central location that California almond growers can consult for information
  • Coordinate with irrigation system and instrument manufacturers, irrigation districts, irrigation system designers, and irrigation consultants, obtaining their collaboration towards achieving the Almond Orchard 2025 water use efficiency goal
  • Coordinate with equipment manufacturers and operators, obtaining their collaboration towards achieving the Almond Orchard 2025 harvest dust reduction goal
  • Coordinate with pest management technology providers, obtaining their collaboration towards achieving the Almond Orchard 2025 pest management goal
  • Develop and disseminate science-based information, to growers, using outreach methods that drive adoption and are responsive to grower needs, being appropriate for the intended audiences and situations
  • Engage one-on-one with growers about key goal-related issues
  • Play an active role, along with other staff, in outreach activities of ABC to agricultural, regulatory, and public audiences
  • Assist in planning and managing outreach activities, and represent ABC at events including field days, seminars, CASP workshops, Almond Leadership Program meetings, food safety workshops, water use efficiency workshops, local community events, agriculture trade shows and others
  • Coordinate with other ABC subject-matter experts to identify appropriate internal and/or external workshop speakers
  • Manage and produce ABC Podcast, video tutorials and other communication vehicles in coordination with Global Communication department


Knowledge of:

  • Irrigation system management and evaluation and of irrigation scheduling technology is required with a superior level of expertise to be viewed as a solidly credible resource by almond growers and other industry stakeholders
  • Integrated Pest Management systems
  • Grower outreach, education, and practice-adoption methodologies and tactic 

Skill in:

  • Strong interpersonal skills to engage, motivate, and work effectively with a wide array of clientele and cooperators, to devise and coordinate an effective grower outreach, education, and adoption program with strong communication, teaching and management skills
  • Developing and organizing technical information and programs for the purpose of effective dissemination, education, and adoption by growers
  • Communicating clearly, both in writing and orally, including oral presentations
  • Ability to translate technical information and disseminate best management practices related to Almond Orchard 2025 goals: i.e. Integrated Pest Management and reduction of harvest dust, into understandable and useful information for diverse clientele
  • Project, program, and staff management
  • Proficient time management with the ability to effectively manage several issues, staff and projects at one time
  • Maintaining confidentiality of trade practices as made aware of these practices in the course of dealing with various growers/client groups
  • Reviewing data and preparing reports, charts, graphs, power point presentations, and other audio-visual accompaniments for speeches, presentations, and written materials using computer software
  • Proficient in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and ability to learn, use and manage SharePoint , databases, and other software 


  • A valid California driver’s license and driving record acceptable for insurance purposes
  • Ability to spend a significant amount of time in the field
  • Ability to perform work-related activities outside of normal business hours
  • Travel within California and occasionally elsewhere in the United States

ILLUSTRATIVE EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: A typical way to obtain the above knowledge and skill is a combination of education and experience equivalent to:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree with 7-10 years related experience in irrigation engineering, plant physiology, agronomy or related field.
  • Experience in irrigation water management is required
  • Past experience demonstrating interpersonal skills required (e.g., teaching, outreach, customer service, or sales)

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The physical abilities involved in the performance of essential duties are:

  • Will be required to drive for extended periods of time
  • Ability to work for extended periods of time in front of a video display terminal
  • Vision sufficient to read handwrit­ten and printed documents and computer screens
  • Speech and hearing sufficient to communi­cate by phone and in person
  • Manual dexterity sufficient to use a variety of office equipment and tools, computer key­boards, and to manipulate papers
  • May lift up to 30 pounds (15 kilos) and manipulate heavier objects using dollies
  • Field visits with exposure to noise, dust, odors, allergens, microbiological toxins, pesticide application, and mechanical apparatus in field and processing settings
  • Travel, particularly driving up to 50%
  • Frequent overnight stays within the almond growing and production region of California
  • Regularly bending, stooping and climbing to retrieve or place materials for storage or transport
  • Exposure to potentially hazardous conditions or safety hazards; i.e. regular inspections of hazardous materials or equipment

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