Where Will Chef Dan Churchill Take Almond Milk? Check Out New Crowdsourced Recipes!

We know you love your almond milk in smoothies, cereal and coffee, but did you know there are even more tasty and easy ways to use the almond milk you have in your fridge? We’ve partnered with Chef Dan Churchill of Scripps Networks' Feast With Friends and Good Morning America to create new recipes for breakfast, dinner and dessert with almond milk, creating a menu that will take you all the places almond milk can go inspired by Chef Dan’s travels around the world. And best part? The final recipes were based on your votes - crowdsourcing a truly inspired almond milk menu. Check out the final winning recipes below and be sure to give them a try at home!

One Pan Banana Cake






One Pan Breakfast Banana Cake
Chef Dan Churchill

Talk about a simple way to game-change your mid-week breakfast! This one will get the family out of bed with the amazing smells coming from the oven.


Creamy Dairy Free Pesto Pasta







Creamy Dairy-Free Pesto Pasta
Chef Dan Churchill

Get out your plastic containers or your mason jars as you are going to want to make this Pesto in bulk! It truly is addictive and goes a long way. This is the base variation, so feel free to add your own personality. Reducing the almond milk before mixing with the pesto makes the sauce even creamier and hard to resist!

No Bake Almond Cheesecake






No Bake Almond Cheesecake
Chef Dan Churchill

The cheesecake that will get you back into baking… well sort of. This one is easy, requires minimal skill and no oven! (Yep - includes the crust too). If you are after a simple dessert recipe for this festive season, look no further than the No Bake Almond Cheesecake.



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And, if you’re seeking more almond milk inspiration, check out Chef Dan’s blog and the California Almonds recipe center for more tantalizing creations you can make at home.

About Chef Dan Churchill

Dan Churchill is a chef and author with a master’s degree in exercise science. His tastiness can be seen on ABC’s EMMY award-winning program The Chew and on the Food Network. He is also a host of Surfing The Menu, Next Generation, seen on ABC Australia & Discovery channels throughout the world. Dan’s appearances on ABC’s Good Morning America have become a family favorite, and he has three cookbooks (Dudefood, The Healthy Cook, Surfing The Menu) and plans for a NYC restaurant opening in 2018.


Dan Churchill


Dan’s current new series, Feast With Friends, recently launched on Genius Kitchen for Scripps Networks, and he recently completed a series of virtual reality promotional videos for Qantas Airlines.