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Almond Fiesta Snack

Almond Fiesta Snack
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A crunchy almond, coconut, and popcorn snack. Serve in 1/2 cup portions.



1 lb. 14 oz. Granulated Sugar

1 lb. 1 oz. Light Corn Syrup

3 oz. Margarine

1/2 oz. Salt

3 grams Cream of Tartar

1/2 oz. Baking Soda

4 oz. Granulated Sugar

1 oz. Strawberry Gelatin Dessert Core-mix*

8 lbs. Popped Corn (mushroom shape recommended, if available)

1 lb. 10 oz. Roasted, chopped almonds

9 oz. Coconut



1. Combine first 5 ingredients. While stirring bring to 260°F.

2. Hold at 260°F for 1 minute.

3. Turn off heat. Add baking soda. Combine well.

4. Preblend sugar and gelatin coremix.

5. Reduce syrup temperature to 200°F. Add sugar and gelatin mix. Mix well.

6. Combine popcorn and syrup mix.

7. Add almonds and coconut immediately. Stir until evenly distributed.

8. Place mixture on greased sheet pan. Do not exceed 2 depth of mix.

9. Bake at 250°F for 30 minutes. Cool.

10.Break into bite size nuggets.

*Mix contains gelatin, flavorings and colorings.  Available from some gelatin manufacturers.


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JustPoppin Buck (not verified) June 02, 2015

For the record, 8 Lbs of popped corn is about 32 gallons in volume.

For folks who may be wondering, to get about 8 Lbs of popped popcorn, start with 8 Lbs of unpopped popcorn kernels. It's much easier to weigh kernels than it is to weigh the 32 gallons of popcorn that this will make.

Also, I'm hoping the author can edit step 5 to indicate exactly how many "hold minutes" are required.

You may want to use Mushroom Popcorn kernels because it will stand up much better to mixing with the candy coating.