Own Your Day with Tips from RD Duo, Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez


RD Duo.pngWe all have busy daily schedules – filled with to-do lists, deadlines and responsibilities to check off. Although it may seem overwhelming, nothing is as satisfying as accomplishing your daily tasks – and almonds are the perfect healthy sidekick to help get you through the finish line. 

We’ve teamed up with Jessica Jones, RD and Wendy Lopez, RD to share snack hacks and almond pairings to help you own your everyday, no matter what it brings. 

As nutrition professionals and busy entrepreneurs, Jessica and Wendy know how to properly balance a crazy workload while maintaining a healthy nutrition routine. "We love almonds because they're the perfect combination of great nutrition and incredible taste," says Jessica. "In addition to their protein, fiber, calcium and Vitamin E, they're also a versatile, shelf-stable food that can be thrown in a bag or purse for easy snacking while on the go."

Check out Jessica and Wendy’s pairings and tips below. 

There are so many tasty and easy ways to pair almonds. See this video for inspiration. 


Jessica and Wendy’s snack hacks to help you own the day

  • Plan ahead: Spend 15 minutes on the weekend packing snacks for the upcoming week. This can be as simple as dividing almonds in plastic baggies and pre-washing your fruit. Invest a few minutes up front and thank yourself later. 

  • Balance it out: We always recommend making sure to balance your snacks. This means, it’s a good idea to include at least 2 food groups -- think carbs, fats, protein -- with your snacks whenever possible. For example, if you opt for berries, make sure to balance them out with smart fat and/or a protein, such as almonds. Balancing your snacks will help you feel fuller and satisfied for longer. 

  • Focus on fiber: Many people struggle to meet the daily recommended intake for fiber, which is about 25 grams. We need fiber because it can help us feel full, improve heart health and strengthens our GI tract. Focusing on fiber-rich snacks can help you meet your daily needs. Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, seeds, and nuts -- such as almonds -- all contain fiber.
  • Don’t forget fat: Many of our clients come to us worried that fat is unhealthy and therefore should be limited. However, good fats, such as almonds, avocados, olive oil, and other nuts and seeds, help us to feel full, while balancing out our blood sugar levels along the way.

  • Snack mindfully: Snacking while distracted can lead to eating more than your body may need. Try to enjoy your snacks with as little distraction as possible. Eat slowly and engage all of the sense throughout the eating process. 

  • Don’t eat out of the bag: If your snacking at home, try to grab a small bowl and fill it instead of eating right out of the bag or container. You’re much less likely to overeat this way.  

  • Keep it simple: Remember, when it comes to snacking, less is more as far as ingredients are concerned. Stick to simple, whole food snacks whenever possible. 

  • Take it with you: If you are on the go, it’s important to have snacks handy for when you need them. We especially love doing this with non-perishable foods. For example, we may have a baggie of almonds near our desk at work, in our purse and in the cup holder of our car. 

  • Choose snacks that you actually enjoy: At the end of the day, the snacks you choose should be fun and satisfying. Avoid snacking on things that you think you “should” eat, but don’t actually enjoy. This can backfire and lead to overeating later on.