Live Green and Indulge in the Power of Plant-Based Eating with Tips & Recipes Created By Culinary Nutritionist Mikaela Reuben

From a flavorful tahini fruit bowl, to a filling spaghetti squash main course, Mikaela Reuben is sharing quick and easy plant-based recipes to guide you towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

Mikaela Reuben The benefits of plant-based diets go well beyond the plate. Science is converging about what to eat from a public health and environmental standpoint, with many academic and health institutions recommending a dietary pattern that focuses on plants and produce and minimizes food waste.1

Eating a more plant-based diet and incorporating sustainable practices doesn't have to be complicated. To help guide us, we have teamed up with culinary nutritionist and health consultant Mikaela Rueben to provide tips and almond recipes to inspire you along the way.

As Mikaela notes: "It may seem complex, but adopting a sustainable lifestyle in and outside of the kitchen is simple. With careful planning ahead of time and using ingredients such as berries, greens, almonds and whole grains, achieving a plant-based lifestyle can prove to be rewarding and delicious."

Mikaela's Tips for Sustainable Living In and Outside of the Kitchen

  • Keep Mason jars in your kitchen and reuse them for on-the-go salads and smoothies, marinating vegetables and mixing dressings, or to store nuts, seeds, and grains. Mason jars come in many sizes and provide a wonderful way to transport foods without having to buy plastic.
  • Roast vegetables on a weekly basis to make blended soups, salads and simple snack options. If you are going to turn the oven on, you might as well use it efficiently to stock the fridge. This will make assembling meals much easier as the week goes on.
  • Learn how and where to recycle and compost. It's easier than you think! Did you know you can compost items such as chewing gum, coffee filters and olive pits? Be sure to do your research and determine what items you have around your house that can be recycled.
  • Wash and dry your vegetables right you get home from buying them. It is easier to choose healthy ingredients from your fridge when they are already washed and ready to eat. Snacking on hummus and red peppers or quickly chopping kale for a salad is much more appealing if you've already washed them.
  • When bringing water to a boil, use it to also steam or blanch lots of vegetables. Or boil as many eggs as you can at one time in order to save not only water, but also preparation time in the kitchen. Less cleaning, less cooking time and more food? Sounds like a great way to create smarter meals!
  • Bring bags with you to the grocery store. Any bags will do. You can reuse all sorts of things to carry produce home. Be creative and try not to create unnecessary waste!


Mikaela's Flavorful Plant-Based Almond Recipes

(view them in the Almond Recipe Center)


Sweet Potato Almond Fritters

A delicious and nutritious twist on a classic recipe, these Sweet Potato Almond Fritters can be enjoyed hot or cold with a fork and hummus or topped on a green salad. The possibilities are endless!



Almond Butter Tahini Fruit Bowl

Enjoy fresh fruit topped with rich, creamy flavors including cinnamon spice and tahini. This simple recipe is perfect as a snack or a satisfying end to a meal. 






Smoky Chermoula with Spaghetti Squash

This traditional African sauce is simple to create (and gluten free) but filled with complex flavors that are sure to impress.





About Mikaela Reuben

Mikaela Reuben is a culinary nutritionist and health consultant for many notable names in Hollywood. Mikaela molded her career to inspire people to make better health and food decisions, offering nutrition coaching through a personalized approach. Her hunger for knowledge and adventure has led her to unimaginable experiences around the globe as she continuously explores various cultures to find new ingredients, health benefits, recipes and beautiful culinary traditions. She uses her knowledge of the body and of different cultural healing traditions to empower people to live with happiness and health, in balance and harmony with their true self. Mikaela currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. Follow her on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


1 The Culinary Institute of America and President and Fellows of Harvard College. 2014 Menus of Change Annual Report.