Own Your Day & Simplify Decision-Making with RD Abby Langer

Abby Langer Bio Pic.jpgDYK, on average, Americans make 226.7 decisions each day on food alone.1 Although that number may seem daunting, there is one smart, no-brainer snacking solution – grabbing a handful of almonds. 

To make the decision-making process even easier, we’ve teamed up with Abby to create the Own it with Abby Decision Tree, an interactive daily adventure and storytelling tool with inspirational ways to conquer the day along the way. 

“You don’t need a master’s degree in nutrition to make better food and lifestyle choices (though don’t let my clients know this!),” says Abby. “No matter how time-crunched you are, you can always choose healthy snacks like almonds to own your day and keep making progress towards your larger goals.”

Check out Abby’s tips below and share your Decision Tree results and own it moments by using #OwnYourEveryDay on social media. 

Abby’s Tips to Own Your Day with Smart Decisions 

  • Pack your lunch the night before to help you make healthy choices and save money.  Instead of choosing indulgent and expensive takeout options, you’ll have a cheaper, healthier meal ready when you need it!
  • Keep a stash of satisfying snacks like almonds in your drawer. This helps to avoid the temptation to eat whatever’s around. Plus, almonds have the protein, fiber and good fats you’ll need to power through the day!
  • You know you’re always late, so use your phone to pre-order coffee. Skip the stress and make it on time every morning. 
  • Almonds are simple to work into your diet and are a perfect fit for all types of eating plans. Keep them in your car cup holder or backpack for easy access.
  • Make sure you carve out time in your schedule to unwind and de-stress outdoors. Before you hit the trail, fuel yourself with the goodness of almonds. Almonds have the protein, fiber, and good fats needed for outdoor adventure. 
  • Always hungry? Almonds are considered a good fit with many popular diet plans because they provide stellar satiety and plentiful nutrients per calorie. That means you can satisfy your hunger without compromising your health. 
  • Too busy to cook? Stick with one-pan meals! You can cook protein and veggies tossed with olive oil, salt, garlic, and pepper. Voila. Isn’t #adulting easy?
  • Here’s a time-saving tip: Take advantage of grocery store pickup services.  Just give them your list and let them shop for you. Now if only you could hire someone to unpack the groceries!
  • Struggling with lunch ideas? Ask your officemates if they want to form a lunch club! If you get five people to join, you’ll only have to make lunch once a week for everyone in the group. Healthy options are a must, and it’s fun to see what everyone else cooks up.
  • Take a break from all the tech to refocus your day. Plan a break or two in your day - and write it into your schedule to make sure the time is protected. When you take a device-free 15-minute walk, you’ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel once you get over the withdrawal (which is real, but I promise it doesn’t last).

1. Mindless Eating: The 200 Daily Food Decisions We Overlook. Brian Wansink, Jeffery Sobal. Environment and Behavior. Vol 39, Issue 1, pp. 106 – 123. First Published January 1, 2007