Get into your flow state with the help of home renovation experts

Ashley and Andy Williams

Ashley Andy Emoji Pic.jpgMany positive changes start with a purge, such as cleaning up your home and work space.  An organized space can eliminate distractions, position you for success, save time and help you stay productive. Finding neat and simple ways to save space by organizing items will help you keep a tidy work space and keep you in a positive mood.  

Who better to help us stay organized and at our best than home renovation experts Ashley and Andy Williams. These two understand the challenge of maintaining productivity and owning their everyday as they balance multiple priorities including flipping homes and raising a family. 

“As a busy parent and entrepreneur, my days are filled with meetings, deadlines and after-school activities,” said Ashley Williams. “It’s important for Andy and I to keep our energy levels high so we can own it—and help individuals create spaces that allow them to do the same. I always need portable snacks like almonds that I can take with me in a purse or briefcase to munch on as I review a blueprint or remodel a workspace.” 

We partnered with this inspirational, dynamic duo to share their secrets to create an organized space and own it.  Check out some of their tips below. For even more hacks from Ashley and Andy, visit us on Instagram or Facebook.

Get Organized with Ashley and Andy

Decluttering and organizing your desk means less time spent searching and more time being productive. Ashley and Andy share simple hacks to own it and transform your desk space. 

Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, staying organized can be difficult. From small appliances and pantry items to utensils and glassware, there's a lot of stuff to stow away in your kitchen. See below for some easy hacks to revitalize your kitchen space. 

Tips to Create the Ideal Workspace & Get into your Flow State

ashley parent.jpgStart Your Day Off Right

Moms and dads – how many times have you made breakfast for the kids while your own stomach is rumbling? A handful of almonds is the perfect nutritious snack to tide us over until it’s time for our meals. One of our go-to options are sprinkling almonds over a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Its powerful crunch, protein and fiber gives us sustainable energy to start our day with a boost! 

Fuel Your Goals

Like so many parents, juggling work life and home life is hard – but we also have other goals we want to accomplish, too. Whether you’re running your first marathon, learning a new language or launching your side-hustle, staying energized is key. Stash almonds in your pack for training runs or throw a baggie of almonds and dried fruit in your work bag for sustained energy to be at your best to get into your flow and own it. 


On any given day, you can be juggling soccer and taekwondo practice, school drop-off and pick-ups, playdates, doctor appointments and more. As most parents on the move know, nothing is worse than a hangry child and a full to-do list. Think ahead and pack snacks like almonds to keep in the cup holder for the kiddos. They have the protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep us full and energized, and the kids love that almonds taste great with anything. Their mix of choice is almonds and marshmallows! 

Owning It on the Go

Don’t let last-minute work calls get in the way of precious family time! Got a real estate closing? No problem. With the convenience of a mobile notary, a coffee shop can easily turn into a closing table. Need to sign off on that report before it goes to your boss? There’s an app for that. Load your smartphone with the collaboration apps you need the most so you can own it without missing out on that second round of laser tag.

Give Homework Space an A+

Tired of constantly turning your kitchen table in to a homework center for the kiddos? Transform your game room into a dual homework space, instead! Try using chalkboard paint to create an accent wall that doubles as a board for the kids to work out their math problems. You can also turn your TV into a computer monitor and set up small age-appropriate brain-break stations around the room with puzzles and snacks like almonds. Minimal set-up and easy clean-up for this dual-use space helps everyone own their everyday.

Own Your Workspace

Owning our space starts with creating a cohesive ecosystem that we can thrive in – and it’s a lot easier than it sounds! Let your five senses lead the way. Start with sight: surround yourself with vibrant colors that inspire and motivate. Red, blue, yellow and green are known for boosting productivity. For smell, bring your favorite aromatherapy candles or scents like lemon and lavender to promote concentration and relaxation. For touch, switch out your chair for a yoga ball to keep your muscles engaged. And for taste, make sure your favorite snacks like almonds of course are easily accessible to keep you fueled and focused. That’s all you need to power through your day!

About Ashley and Andy Williams  

Ashley and Andy Williams are military veterans living in Fort Worth, Texas. Ashley served two combat tours in Iraq where she met Andy, a Marine, who was working in High Threat Diplomatic Protection. Andy, a licensed real estate agent, expert real estate investor and social entrepreneur, leveraged real estate to successfully transition from military to civilian life. The couple married and continued to build their real estate portfolio while continuing to serve in Baghdad. After settling in Fort Worth, Ashley and Andy started their family and embarked on a mission to change the conversation on military transition with their public benefit corporation Recon Realty. They are committed to adding value to communities, creating jobs for veterans and giving distressed homes a second chance as they continue to serve.