Pro Soccer Star Julie Ertz’s Secret To Staying On Her Game, No Matter What Comes Her Way  

Julie shares how she fuels herself for success to own her everyday, every day   

Julie Ertz_Running.jpgAs a professional athlete, Julie Ertz is an expert in making every moment count—both on and off the field. This world champion soccer star expertly balances her professional career with her philanthropic work as co-founder of the Ertz Family Foundation—and even makes room for me-time through it all!  

“I’m constantly training my body and mind to perform at the highest level in order to grow, especially as I head into world stage competition,” said Julie. “Almonds provide me with the fuel I need to power through my long days. Whether I’m lifting weights, running the field or reviewing game film, I know that I can own my everyday, every day thanks to the long-lasting energy that almonds provide.” 

Wonder how she balances it all? Same here! We spent some time with Julie uncovering her secrets to staying motivated, setting (and reaching) goals and finding those few precious moments of downtime in her daily routine. Take a glimpse into the daily life of this pro athlete through our “Own It” video below.


Julie knows that opportunities are sometimes disguised as challenges, and it’s only by getting into your zone that you can take advantage of each opportunity. One of the ways that she stays focused and prepared for every opportunity is by fueling her body with the protein-packed (6 grams) goodness of almonds.




Looking to elevate your game? Julie’s tips below will to help you achieve any goal and own your everyday, every day. 

Start Your Morning with a Stretch
Mornings are so important in setting the tone for the rest of the day. I always start my day with a few morning stretches to loosen up before I hit the gym for weight training or the trails for a run. Nothing gets me in my zone and ready to own it quite like making time for a good stretch.

Julie Ertz_Gym_2.jpg

View Your Food as Fuel
As a professional soccer player, I’m constantly fueling my body with nutritious foods to give me enough energy to own my everyday, every day. I’m a huge fan of portable, healthy snacks like almonds because they’re easy to put in a bag for enjoying on the go. Plus, an ounce of almonds has the protein (6 grams) and fiber (4 grams) my body needs for the day ahead—whether I’m training on the soccer field or reviewing films of my past games. 

Find Little Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily
Daily inspiration is very important to me to stay motivated and get into my zone – and I get it from my family, friends, teammates and fans. I actually keep a few inspirational personal items handy in my den and my kitchen to remind me of what I’ve accomplished and the support system that helps me own my everyday. For example, the medals that I have on display are really meaningful to me because it reminds me of the support I got from my teammates. And I’m also a huge fan of keeping handwritten notes, birthday and holiday cards from family and friends—especially my grandma’s homemade cookie recipes. These personal items keep me in the right mental space to get into my zone.

Make Time for Yourself 
Between my personal, professional and philanthropic commitments, my schedule can get pretty busy—and I love it! But it’s important to carve out some me-time every once in a while so I can re-focus and keep my priorities top-of-mind. My favorite way to get into my “zone” is to put on some tunes and light a candle. By taking time for yourself in a dedicated, comfortable space, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, you can recharge and be ready to own your everyday, every day. 

Take Time to Prepare
As a professional soccer player, I need to make time for recovery to ensure my body and my mind have a chance to rest from my intensive training schedule. Using your downtime productively is a great way to stay prepared for the opportunities that come your way. Whether it’s taking 5 minutes during a Sunday afternoon to pack snacks for the week or taking an hour to map out the meetings you have in the month ahead, using your valuable time to prepare allows you to continue making progress towards your goals.    

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Visualize Your Goals 
I’ve found that visualizing my goals is so important to my success because it gets me into my zone. Writing my goals down because it holds me accountable and keeps me motivated, especially if I have a lofty goal I’m striving to reach. I also incorporate visualization into my goal-setting routine—I close my eyes, tune out the world and replay visions of myself achieving my goals in my head. You’d be surprised at how your visions can become your reality! Try incorporating something like this into your own it routine.

Listen to Your Body
As an athlete, I’m super in tune with my body so I can be prepared to perform at my best at all times. It’s so important to be responsive to what your body is telling you that it needs – but when busy schedules get in the way, it’s easier said than done. When I’m on the road for away games or Foundation events, I make a conscious effort to take 5 minutes to munch on a nutritious snack like almonds when my stomach’s growling or meditate with my favorite wellness app when I’m feeling exhausted. Always try finding convenient ways to keep yourself fueled, focused and ready to own it.

Embrace Change 
Life will always ask you to change – you just have to step up and change with it. I had been training as a center back for my entire professional career but was asked by my team to begin playing in the midfield. Though it was a significant switch for me, I looked at it as an opportunity to showcase my hard work. Whatever your change is, put a positive spin on it and look at it as an opportunity—instead of an obstacle. This will allow you to succeed.