Follow Your Passion While Staying True to Your Healthy Balance

 ClassPass Founder, Payal Kadakia, Shares How She Owns Her Day


Leading in any industry, taking risks and breaking through sometimes just requires a leap of faith. As thePayal Meeting.jpg founder of a half billion dollar company, Payal Kadakia knows full well what it’s like to change course completely and launch a startup by following her passion to provide a new solution for people in the fitness space. Since founding ClassPass in 2013, Payal continues to focus on the important things to her customers and the thing that inspired her to start her company in the first place: how movement and mindfulness are interconnected. 

“Movement is important to me because it unleashes a lot in our minds to be able to help conquer our day, solve something we were working on or create something we hadn’t created before,” says Payal. “At work, a handful of almonds keeps me full and energized all day. They’re a great source of protein and fiber. They’re also an efficient snack and taste great.”

We sat down with Payal to get a better understanding of how preparation is key for productivity, how snacking keeps her fueled and focused and why your “you-time” is essential to maintaining clarity in an on-the-go lifestyle. Take a peek into the daily life of this #girlboss through our “Own It” video below.

Own It with Payal Kadakia

Payal’s drive and determination turned her innovative start-up idea into a game-changing force in the health and wellness industry. When time is running short and meetings are running long, Payal turns to almonds to keep her fueled and focused as she leads and inspires.

Payal’s Tips for Getting Into Your Flow State

Looking for ways to set up your mind and body to rock your week? Payal shared her best tips for owning your everyday, every day.

Payal Fitness.jpgMove Daily

Movement is so important to me and I’m truly in my personal flow state when I’m dancing or working out. I like to be present all day long and movement helps me to hone my focus so I can be at my best when it counts. Even in the workplace I like to incorporate movement. Shake up your productivity routine by taking a call during a stroll around the block or hold a walk-and-talk meeting around the office!

Plan for Productivity 

I’m a big planner. And if you’re like me and your calendar is your life, consider taking time to map out your plans to own it throughout the week. Every Sunday, I plan my entire week with intention and priority. I’m very committed to the meetings I have, and if something is not urgent to me, I’ll find a way to reschedule. This is the best way to gain control over my schedule to own my everyday.  

Own Your Space – Wherever You Work

Even though I have an office, I feel most productive working in other spaces like coffee shops, hotel rooms – really any space where I can get a laptop open. I like to work in open concept rooms with bright, natural light with my computer, charger, green tea and almonds all within arm’s reach to keep me fueled and focused. Find what works best for you to achieve that flow state no matter where own your everyday. 

Keep a Stash of Snacks

I don’t plan my day around food. I’m focused on what I need to do to get through my day, so it’s important that whatever snack I put in my bag is quick, convenient and satisfying. I love foods like almonds because they’re that perfect in-between snack to give me the sustenance I need to power through my meetings or work travel. Try keeping a stash of almonds in your purse, desk drawer or car cup holder to keep you fueled and focused throughout the day. 

Payal Hallway.jpgValue Your "You-Time"

I love being so focused on my company and my team, but it’s important that I carve out time for myself. I schedule little moments throughout the day to pause and reflect to find the clarity I need to own my everyday. I like to listen to contemporary Indian music and read inspirational quotes, sharing my favorites with others. Pencil in some regular ‘you-time’ to get into your flow state and own it.

Mindfulness Matters

A big part of my job is inspiring my team and our partners. I’m able to give my teams my best self when I’m mindfully present and approach every interaction with intention – and fueling up on healthy snacks during those in-between moments is key. I carry a bag of almonds with me everywhere to tide me over on my way to the office, between meetings or on my way to a barre class. Try keeping almonds within arm’s reach throughout the day so you can own your moments – big, small and in-between.