Pop it Like it’s Hot

Cool off with these frozen treats during the Dog Days of summer

These icy summer treats are a perfect snack or dessert for any occasion. Fruity, creamy, and occasionally indulgent, these pops are delicious, refreshing and fun to make—and eat! They’re a dairy-free sweet treat you’ll want to snack on all year long.



Like your favorite sandwich filling, this combines creamy almond butter with fresh fruit for a nutty-sweet frozen treat.

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Nutty Fudge Bars

These are super easy to make and fun to eat. Be sure to toast the almonds for a flavorful crunch.

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Almond Joysicles

Like frozen candy bars, these pops get a little extra flavor and texture from a coating of toasted almonds. It’s an easy garnish that’s worth the extra step.

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Peach-Basil Pops

When peaches and other stone fruit are at their peak, it’s usually HOT outside. Make these fruity treats to use fresh-from-the-market peaches with the surprising addition of sweet basil.

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Banana Butter-Rumsicles

These dairy-free pops get their creaminess from pureed banana. If you use real rum, they freeze to a softer consistency that works best in resealable pop bags.

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Almond Rice Pudding Pops

Frozen Mexican treats called paletas come in lots of fun flavors, such as rice pudding. This version, with cinnamon and toasted almonds, makes a fragrant Latino-style treat. Try using black or pink rice for a greater color contrast.

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