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Consumers surveyed are now snacking more than ever1, so successful product development depends largely on understanding the motivations that drive purchase among your target audience. Based on new research that delves into consumers snacking and breakfast behaviors, Dave Lundahl of InsightsNow will dissect the moments in time that alter consumers associations between a specific ingredient (such as almonds) and the benefit perceptions that drive product selection. This free webinar takes an in-depth look at the many ways product development can influence consumer behavior, and how formulators and marketers alike can take advantage of the ever-increasing opportunity to capitalize on better-for-you ingredients in the key categories of snacking and breakfast.

1 2013 North America Snacking Consumer Quantitative Study, Sterling-Rice Group.

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Dave Lundahl, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder, InsightsNow, Inc.

David's passion is to inspire bold innovation. As such, this led him to create InsightsNow an innovation research partner for companies operating within the consumer packaged goods industry. David's broad perspective about innovation is fueled from his diverse career in food industry positions and from his role as a founding faculty-member for Oregon State University's Food Innovation Center. David not only applies his passion toward inspiring bold innovation, but uses it to lead the ideas underlying behavior-driven innovation an approach that applies the psychology of consumer  behavior to inspire and guide more successful innovation and product development. More on this approach can be found in his book entitled. Breakthrough Food Product Innovation through Emotions Research.