Spotlight on: Diced & Chopped Almonds

Almond FormsThe Almond Board of California (ABC) is continuing a series of spotlights on the many versatile forms of California almonds. Next in the spotlight series is diced - or chopped - almonds. Not only are they a useful topping for appetizers, salads and desserts, they are a crucial component for snack bars, cereals and a variety of baked goods. According to a recent survey, diced/chopped almonds are the most popular form manufacturers used recently in a new product, with 44 percent of overall share.1 The baked goods category saw the most new product introductions with almonds, coming in at 35 percent, followed by snacks or trail mix (32 percent) and then granola, energy and cereal bars (26 percent).1

Chocolate Crunch BarRoasted and diced almonds create an irresistible texture that consumers are sure to appreciate in this Chocolate Crunch Bar, developed by Chef John Csukor of KOR Food Innovation. According to a global survey on consumer's chocolate preferences, respondents stated that they feel nuts make chocolate products crunchier (88 percent) and more filling (82 percent).3 With consumers now eating chocolate an average of 10.4 times per month, manufacturers can look to new chocolate and almond formulations to develop the flavors and textures that consumers crave.3



Diced almonds add a satisfying crunch to a soft and decadent Almond Chocolate Whoopie Pie. This sweet dessert is sure to please any palate.

Chopped almonds increase the texture in each bite of these Almond Butter Crunch Cookies, which combines almond butter and almond oil for a satisfying treat.

Diced and chopped almonds aren't just useful in bakery; their wide appeal extends to savory items as well. The vegetarian Almond and Parsley Pesto with Asparagus and Freekeh uses a variety of fresh ingredients to create a light and flavorful dish, with chopped almonds to add flavor and crunch.

For additional crunch, diced almonds are incorporated in the filling of the Salted Almond Praline Candy Bar, developed by Chef Mindy Segal of Hot Chocolate. The smooth, salted almond caramel base is topped with milk chocolate almond praline mousse, with roughly chopped almonds for a noticeable bite. And, according to a recent study, 70 percent of global consumers surveyed prefer chocolate products with nuts as opposed to without nuts, and almonds were selected as the nut that fits best with both milk and dark chocolate.3

Ready to incorporate chopped almonds in your next formulation? Watch Chef John Csukor demonstrate how diced almonds create substantial crunch in the Chocolate Crunch Bar.

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