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California Almond Chocolate Crunch Bar

California Almond Chocolate Crunch Bar
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Created by KOR Food Innovation



460 grams Dark Chocolate

40 grams Colusari Rice, puffed

24 grams Wild Rice, puffed

16 grams Sesame Seeds, roasted

75 grams Natural Almonds, Diced, Roasted



1) Temper dark chocolate.
2) While the dark chocolate is tempering, combine the remaining dry ingredients in a medium stainless steel bowl (puffed rice's, sesame seeds and almonds).
3) Once the dark chocolate has reached its temper, add to the dry ingredients and mix well.
4) Add the chocolate mix to two, dry poly carbonate chocolate molds with 7 cavities that are 130 mm long x 29 mm wide x 15 mm high. Be sure there is no water in any of the molds.
5) Tap the molds until the chocolate mix falls evenly in to the molds. Continue to tap until all air bubbles have been released.
6) Scrape off any excess chocolate and redistribute where needed.
7) Let cool at room temperature. Once cool, place in the freezer for 5 minutes to easily remove the bars from the mold.


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