Almonds Provide Inspiration for Innovation at Food Ingredients Europe

At Food Ingredients Europe 2017, held in Frankfurt, Germany, the Almond Board of California took part in a variety of activities during the three day expo, including:

  • Inspiring California Almonds Solution Sessions (CASS) with Chef Stephan Schmitz

  • Thought provoking panel discussions with industry experts from across the food and beverage category

California Almonds Solution Sessions (CASS):

With leading food engineer and Chef, Stephan Schmitz who developed innovative recipes that showcase the versatility, taste and convenience of almonds. Taking inspiration from current and upcoming European trends, recipes included health and wellness bars, confectionary and plant based snacking solutions.

Chef Stephan Schmitz

  • New Mediterranean Classic Crisp: with only three key ingredients including almond slivers and Grana Padano, this quick savoury snack inspired by the  Mediterranean packs a lot of flavour into a small crisp

  • Alpine Adventure: A celebration of the famous Oktoberfest, these toasted almonds are combined with Austrian classics including pumpkin seeds, honey, pretzels and root vegetable crisps to create a modern trail mix

  • Sweet Almond Balance Bar: Addressing the demand for health and wellness snacks that also deliver on taste, this bar contains crushed and slivered almonds and dried fruits  to provide a chewy, crunchy and naturally sweet snack

  • Togarashi Nori Almond Crunch: A moreish snack containing roasted almonds, togarashi spices, honey, puffed brown rice, nori and sesame seed,  served as clusters

  •  Marvellous Mint Delight: These bite sized chocolate bars with whole, flaked and chopped almonds combined with spicy dark chocolate and cooling mint are the perfect treat when looking for an indulgent snack bar











FiE Industry Panel Discussions:

Almond Board of California’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Karen Lapsley took part in two panel discussions where professionals from across the food and beverage industry discussed the topics affecting them. Discussions kicked off with ‘how can food and beverage companies develop products to meet the healthy convenience trend?’ Suggestions for the industry included; Portion control and how the industry needs to help consumers understand what a smart portion is, demonstrated by the Almond Board of California’s snacking tins which fit a perfect portion of almonds for an everyday snack and take the guess work out of choosing right.

We also heard how consumers want clarity in labels if a product is ‘free from, or full of’ when choosing a product. By creating products that provide solutions for diets such as gluten free, vegan or plant based and selecting ingredients high in vitamins and nutrients, there is the opportunity to provide solutions for healthy snacking.

Consumers are undeniably busier than ever and ‘convenience’ is becoming important in their buying decisions. Creating ‘on the go snacks’ that can be put in a handbag or car, satisfy between meals but in addition can provide nutritional benefits is a growing opportunity for manufacturers, as consumers look for products that able to help with their health and wellness too.

These trends were mirrored in Innova's Market Insights top ten snacking trends of 2018, presented by their director Lu Ann Williams during FiE, who highlighted that 'mindful choices' and positively processed' products will be some of the important criteria for manufacturers and consumers over the next 12 months and beyond. Lu Ann will discuss the findings in more detail in a webinar in association with Almond Board of California on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. 

To register for the webinar or for more details, email foodprofessional@almondboard.com. 

The second panel discussion asked ‘Is the Food Industry Doing Enough to Support Sustainability?’

Increasingly consumers are thinking about what is good for them but also good for the planet, as demonstrated in Innova Market Insights latest report ‘Issues and Sustainability 2017’. The discussion covered topics including how to take the guess work out of what a sustainable product is for the consumer. Requiring ingredients suppliers to really think about the origins or their products and the opportunity that will unlock for them as consumer demand for ethical products continues to rise.

More information on Almond Board of California’s commitment and work around sustainability can be found in the new 2017 Sustainability Report.