The Crunch that Inspires


Bursting with the natural, unique flavor consumers crave, almonds are an incredible source of inspiration for food professionals. Then of course, there’s that crunch—arguably almonds’ most distinctive sensory trait.

Almonds are an exceptionally exciting way to add delicious, hearty texture to any food, no matter which almond form or application is used. The satisfying crunch of an almond is unlike any other, and the light, buttery flavor works well with every cuisine and any flavor profile.

Almonds add distinctive crunch to any dish, raising the texture profile in a variety of ways. And, according to Datassential, 70 percent of consumers surveyed said they are aware of or recognize various textures in a dish.1 What’s more, 61 percent believe that texture is just as important to a product or menu item as flavor, while 62 percent believe that texture is responsible for making a dish or product more interesting.1

  • Food professionals rate almonds as the favorite nut because of their taste (70 percent), texture (61 percent) and versatility (57 percent).2
  • In a Datassential survey of restaurant operators across all dining segments, those in fast casual and fine dining specifically chose “the textural appeal of crunch” as their top reason for adding almonds to a dish.3
  • 88 percent of consumers surveyed in North America rate almonds as great-tasting and 80 percent rate almonds as “nutritious.”4



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