Food Trends Tour Highlights Innovative Almond-Inspired Recipes

The Mile High City has fostered many creative culinary entrepreneurs, including chefs and purveyors, urban farmers and emerging product developers. A part of the United States where terms like “paleo” and “sustainably sourced” reverberate from nearly every label and menu, it’s no surprise that a multitude of Denver and Boulder food destinations regularly incorporate California Almonds. Earlier this year, Almond Board hosted a food-trends tour in Denver and Boulder to explore trends that were resounding most and where California Almonds fit in.

Farm-to-table, gluten-free and globally inspired flavor mash-ups stood out as the most prevalent trends spotted in Denver and Boulder.

  • With a majority of locales sourcing ingredients from Colorado farms, many owned by the chefs or purveyors themselves, there is no shortage of local and sustainable ingredients, many of which are pickled or preserved to last through the colder months.
  • Instead of options or substitutions that have become mainstream globally, the gluten-free lifestyle in Denver and Boulder is reflected in permanent restaurant menu items and in packaged products across virtually every culinary format.
  • From kettle-roasted mango chipotle almonds to “octopus a la plancha” with romesco, the Denver/Boulder culinary scene has its own flair for global flavor, fusing new American styles with international flavor profiles.

From new spins on classic recipes, like Torta de Santiago and gremolata, to ground-breaking food formulas and emerging categories like cannabis-infused “Nutty Bites” and cleanse-worthy nut milks, culinary trendsetters in Denver and Boulder are working with almonds in ways that are both traditional and contemporary. The Mile High food-trends tour itinerary featured stops at coffeehouses, full-service restaurants, manufacturing facilities, bakeries, urban wineries, and more.

In fact, Liz Parker at Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery wrote, “The main takeaway that I received from this trip is that almonds can be incorporated into almost any dish or snack, with surprisingly delicious results.” Read more about Liz’s experience with almonds in the Rockies on her full blog post.

Judie Bizzozero at Natural Products INSIDER agreed, noting that the tour “showcased some of the most creative and innovative ways local chefs and food and beverage product developers are using California almonds in recipes or finished products.” See more from Judie’s time in Colorado in her Almonds in the Rockies image gallery.

Just one example of the versatility of almonds was noted by Amy Cavanaugh at Plate, who wrote, “At The Populist in Denver, Chef Kathryn Gillette uses ash and basil to add savory notes to her coconut semifreddo, which features crumbled almond shortbread, almond lace, basil leaves and foam and passionfruit pearls. The Almond components add crunch to the creamy semifreddo, while the nuts and basil add some depth to the bright tropical flavors of the passionfruit and coconut, resulting in a nice summery dessert.”

Coconut Semifreddo at The Populist

For application highlights and images that are sure to inspire, please see below.

  • Revolutionary grain and gluten-free pastas and cookie doughs from Cappello’s

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