A Tempting Tradition

Peering into any bakery case in almost any country around the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find a selection of sweet treats that doesn’t include almonds. For centuries, almonds have been an essential ingredient in bakery innovation, inspiring classic favorites such as French macarons, Jaconde Sponge cake, strudel, Bienenstich Cake, Norwegian Wedding Ring Cake and many more.

With more forms to choose from than any other nut, there are countless ways to boost consumer satisfaction with almonds. They are a shining star of versatility, melding with butter and holding their form and irresistible, irreplaceable crunch in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Almonds are the top nut for global new product introductions in the bakery category, and new almond bakery introductions contributed to 21 percent of total nut introductions in 2015.1
  • According to Euromonitor, customers are seeking out a variety of quality indulgences and artisan preparations, a craving that almonds most certainly satisfy.

Almonds have a simple sophistication and a distinctly premium image that global consumers can’t get enough of. Plus, their contemporary visual appeal has the power to take any sweet treat to new heights.

So whether you use almonds whole, sliced, slivered or chopped, or as almond milk, almond flour, almond butter, almond oil or marzipan, there are countless ways to boost consumer satisfaction with this cravable ingredient. And don’t forget to click over to our almond recipe center for some extra almond inspiration.



1.    Global New Product Introductions Report. Innova Market Insights, 2015.