The bar category is growing rapidly with increased room for even more innovation. In fact, according to MRI, bars are now consumed by 53 percent of adults and breakfast/granola bars alone are eaten by 46 percent of all adults.1
According to Innova Market Insights:
The number of global snack and cereal bar launches has grown by more than 80 percent over a five-year period, reflecting the rising demand for convenient, nutritious snacks and meal replacements, as well as the growing variety of formats, ingredients and target markets available.2
A key factor in the rise of the snack and cereal bar market on a global scale is the health-focused image and attributes that bars can offer.2
Globally, over 82 percent of the bar launches recorded by Innova Market Insights had a health positioning of some kind, rising to well over 90 percent in the U.S.
For additional analysis on the global bar category, click here  for the full article from Innova Market Insights.

Consumer Survey Results

Additionally, a recent survey by the Almond Board of California (ABC) found that just over half of consumers surveyed said the last bar they ate contained nuts. But did you know that the consumers surveyed selected almonds as the most desired ingredient nut in their ideal bar?1
With almonds as the number one ingredient chosen by surveyed consumers in their ideal bar, a multitude of complimentary fillings and flavors were also selected by this survey audience. Oats, granola, peanut butter, coconut and dark chocolate were also crowd-pleasing favorites in the bar category, according to the survey!1
Interested in more results from ABC’s latest consumer bar study? Access a free, on-demand webinar for an in-depth exploration of bar ingredients and consumer consumption habits with Rob Renegar of Sterling-Rice Group. In the webinar, Rob offers key implications for manufacturers and discusses ways to increase the appeal of new bar formulations with different ingredients identified as desirable by consumers. 

Keep the inspiration flowing with these innovative bar formulas that incorporate some of the top ingredients consumers surveyed choose in their ideal bar1:
The Almond, Cherry Blueberry Bar has a base of oats and crisp rice, with added crunch from the almonds and sweetness from dried berries. 
Try the Almond, Chocolate and Coconut Bar for a formulation that is indulgent but not overly sweet, with creamy chocolate and a satisfying texture. 
The Oatmeal Almond Fig Bar has sweet outer layers of oats, brown sugar and chopped almonds that sandwich a fruity filling of dried figs for a dimensional snack unlike any other. 
The Almond Banana Bar is a delicious breakfast-inspired treat containing wheat germ and toasted almonds, with ginger for extra zip. 
With consumers now snacking an average of 2.3 times a day, up from 1.8 times a day in 2008, versatile California almonds can be a developer’s strongest tool to meet consumer demand.3 Almonds are the number one nut in new products worldwide and are available in more forms than almost any other tree nut.
Learn how, in snack bars particularly, sliced and diced almonds can help heighten texture profiles and achieve a crunchy bite or a satisfying chew, with an almond chocolate granola bar demonstration video featuring Chef John Cuskor of KOR Food Innovation.
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