The Four R’s of Nutrient Management in Almonds

nutrient-management-bloomMaximizing the use efficiency of applied nutrients in almonds will result in improved yields, reduced input costs and less potential for off-site movement into ground and surface water. Efficient nutrient management can be accomplished by following the Four R’s:  

  1. Applying at the right rate – Matching tree and crop demand with supply, taking into consideration the contribution of nutrients from all sources, including fertilizer, organic nitrogen, water and soil.
  2. Applying at the right time – Spoon-fed applications during the growing season to maximize uptake and minimize loss potential.
  3. Applying in the right place – To ensure delivery to the active root zone.
  4. Using the right source – To maximize uptake and minimize loss potential.

An updated in-season nutrient budget model, including early-season leaf sampling guidelines, has been developed under the leadership of Patrick Brown, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences. These guidelines are given in the document “Almond Early-Season Sampling and In-Season Nitrogen Application Maximizes Productivity, Minimizes Loss.” The guidelines include a protocol for early-season tissue sampling and for applying nitrogen during the season based on crop load and fine-tuned by sampling results.

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