Almond Conference


Every year in December, the Almond Board of California hosts The Almond Conference, which provides opportunities for growers and processors to interact with researchers and influential industry members on industry research, production news and regulatory issues. The three-day conference also features workshops and poster sessions dedicated to research topics, as well as presentations on global and local marketing programs.

Attendees of The Almond Conference can expect to network with key leaders of the almond industry, including decision-makers, buyers, growers, handlers and industry experts. As the top industry event, the Conference brings groundbreaking information and innovative solutions to the attendees — key trends that keep almonds at the forefront of the global food industry.

The Almond Conference also provides attendees the opportunity to see the latest products and access new equipment via the trade show, which is home to more than 200 companies in the almond industry exhibiting their newest materials and services.

Still on the fence about attending The Almond Conference? Read through past presentations below and see for yourself how the information shared at The Almond Conference has benefited the almond industry.

2017 Almond Conference Presentations

  • Almond Biomass: The Real, Weird and Wonderful Opportunities for Greater Utilization
  • Cracking the Human Resources Nut: Tackling the Most Pressing Employment Law Challenges
  • Almond Characteristics and Technology Considerations for Continuous Inactivation During Dry Roasting
  • What You Should Consider Before You Grow
  • The Update from Our Friends from Down Under: What’s Truly Applicable to California
  • Investing Across the Globe
  • The Almond Food Safety Plan: Teaching Example for FSMA Preventive Controls
  • Common Errors in Orchard Set Up
  • The Science and Practice of Intentional Recharge in Almond Orchards
  • Repositioning Plant-Based Protein
  • Produce Safety Rule for Farms: How to Comply and What About the Grower Exemption
  • How to Manage a Young Orchard
  • Research Update: Soil Health, Aerial Almond Mapping and Almond Lifecyle Assessment
  • Come See What’s Happening in D.C.!
  • Technology in the Food Safety World: Tools Such as Whole Genome Sequencing – Friend or Foe?
  • State of the Industry
  • The California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) and Irrigation Improvement Continuum – Why it’s Relevant to You!
  • Research Update: Variety and Rootstock Studies
  • A New Consumer Campaign and More Focus on Almond Milk: Updates from the North American Market
  • Food Safety Outbreaks: Tough Lessons Learned
  • Tools for Better Irrigation
  • Going Nuts for Beauty: From California to China
  • Sensory and Analytical: Where Science Meets Art
  • What’s New in Almond Tree Nutrition and Regulation?
  • Research Update: Irrigation and Harvest
  • Europeans’ Appetite for Almonds Endures and Grows
  • Maximizing Shelf Life
  • Committed to Healthy Hives in the Field
  • Research Update: Pest Management and Pollination
  • Exploring the Korean Wave
  • Sustainability and Supply Chains: Leveraging CASP Participation
  • Insect Pest Management Update
  • ABC Partners Addressing Bee Health
  • India: Celebrating Traditions
  • Surveying the Legal Risk Landscape
  • Disease and Aflatoxin Management Update
  • Organic: It’s More Than a Label
  • What is Next on California’s Legislative Agenda?
  • The Almond Leadership Program: Where It’s Taken Me
  • What to Consider Before and After Harvest
  • Proposition 65: When is a Warning Required?
  • FSMA and Electronic Record Keeping: Moving Beyond Paper Logs and Excel

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