As a member of The Almond Leadership Program, you will: 

  • Build relationships with almond community leaders
  • Develop interpersonal relationship and communication skills
  • Be prepared to take leadership roles in almond organizations and your local community
  • Understand current social, political, scientific and economic issues facing almonds, and how to affect change
  • Learn how all sectors along the almond supply chain work together to provide a safe, sustainable product

Program participants explain the benefits of the leadership program:


The Almond Board of California Almond Leadership Program

In 2009, the Almond Board of California (ABC) set out to encourage a new set of individuals with diverse backgrounds to become leaders in the almond community. The result was the creation of the Almond Leadership Program. The no-cost, year-long program is designed to provide a mentored experience for the next generation of leaders, including leadership training seminars, hands-on educational opportunities, field experience and a firsthand look at the inner workings of ABC.
Through the Almond Leadership Program, participants will learn how to develop skills to effectively lead, manage and inspire others in the almond community, enhance business relationships, learn current social, political, scientific and economic issues facing almonds, and master communication and leadership techniques relevant to managing or retaining a leadership roles in almond organizations and your local community.

Eligibility Requirements

Reside in the state of California.
Demonstrate the willingness to learn and apply leadership skills within the almond community.
Have been employed for at least one year in an almond related position.
Obtain employer permission prior to submitting an application.
If self-employed, establish the ability to be away from their business for all scheduled Leadership Program events.
Sign a Memorandum of Understanding prior to the beginning of the program.
Commit to full attendance at all Leadership Program events.
Commit to completing assignments or reports as needed to successfully complete the Leadership Program.
The program consists of approximately 75–85 hours of seminars and events, and 15–25 hours of interactive learning to complete assignments. Attendance at all seminars and events is mandatory. All applicants must have reliable transportation and be available to travel to seminars and events as scheduled. Full consideration will be provided to all applicants regardless of age, gender, race or other distinguishing characteristics.

Evaluation and Review of Applications

A panel of ABC staff and industry members will evaluate completed applications. Consideration will be given to applicants that show the greatest potential to further the interests of the California Almond community.
Applicants will be notified to schedule a personal interview with ABC staff, Board of Directors or committee members, and other stakeholders in the Almond Leadership Program. If unavailable for a personal interview, applicants will be offered the option of a phone interview.

Selection & Notification

Successful applicants will be notified upon selection by email. With the letter of acceptance, applicants will receive a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that must be completed, signed and returned during the first seminar. Failure to return a completed MOU may void an applicant’s acceptance into the program.

Participant Costs

The Almond Leadership Program does not charge for participation in the program. Any costs incurred with mileage will be reimbursed at the government rate. Educational materials, meals and occasional lodging accommodations are paid for courtesy of ABC. Please note that participants in the Almond Leadership Program may incur small incidental expenses associated with scheduled seminars, industry events, and special projects. These costs are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid for at the time of the event.


Applications for the 2017 Almond Leadership Program are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 9, 2016.