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Almond Almanac

The Almond Board of California`s Almond Almanac is an annual year-end report that provides Almond Industry Almanaca glimpse into what makes up the California Almond growing and processing community.  Published on a crop-year basis (August 1 to July 31), the report provides a compilation of industry statistics, including production, shipment and consumption numbers. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the Almond Board's programs. 

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Growing GoodGrowing Good Publication

Growing Good is an annual Almond Board publication that describes what sustainability means to the California Almond industry, highlighting our commitment to stewardship and journey of continuous improvement. The publication includes information on ABC's research programs, California Almond Sustainability Program and progress made across key areas such as water efficiency, coproduct utilization and honey bee health.




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Research Update

Each year the Almond Board published a Research Update that contains summaries of the current year’s industry-funded research projects. This includes updates on production research, almond nutrition, and food quality and safety. Click here to access the 2019 Research Update.

The Almond Board’s comprehensive Research Database can be accessed here.

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