NASS Crop and Acreage Reports


USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) produces crop forecasts and acreage reports for the California Almond industry which are released at noon on the dates noted in the calendar of events. Subjective reports provide early estimates of the coming crop after it is set. Objective reports highlight forecasts later in the growing season, close to harvest. These forecasts can then be compared to actual production and trade statistics in the form of Almond Board monthly position reports and tabulated annually in the Almond Almanac – both which can be accessed on the Almond Board Crop Reports tab.

NASS also produces annual estimates of the California Almond industry’s acreage.  These reports are released each spring and detail the total almond growing acreage for the previous year as well as distribution by variety, county and year planted.

While the Almond Board has funded research that has yielded alternative findings about almond acreage, NASS’s almond acreage reports, subjective and objective crop forecasts and others are the official USDA estimates and will continue to serve as the official statistics for the industry.

Below is a listing of NASS almond-related reports for the past three years. Click here to access reports for previous years.

Acreage Report

Subjective Forecast

Objective Report

Nursery Report