Almond Nutrition

Almond Nutrition

All kinds of vitamins and minerals. 6g of protein. 4g of fiber. That irresistible crunch. Clearly, almonds have a lot to offer. So, give your clients the information they need to see what’s really possible with almonds.

Heart Health*

Healthy Hearts. Happy Clients.

Help your clients help their hearts by suggesting that they make almonds part of their everyday routines. With every crunch of heart-smart nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, antioxidants, fiber and “good” fats, almonds will help them feel great.

Put these heart-health and diet-specific resources to work for your clients who have high cholesterol, heart conditions or risk factors.

Snacking Tips

Snacking for Success

Your clients have a lot on their plates, so they need a snack that can keep up no matter what comes their way. Here are some ideas that will help move the needle from mindless munching to conscious crunching.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free. Flavor Full.

Almonds, almond butter, almond flour and almond milk make going gluten free tastier than your clients have probably ever thought possible. An ounce of almonds also contains iron (1.1mg) and fiber (4g), which are often lacking in the gluten-free diet.


Unleashing the Perfect Portion

What’s in an ounce? We actually have a pretty specific answer to that question. One ounce, or the ideal daily portion of almonds, is about 23 nuts. Just tell your clients to remember 1, 2, 3: 1 ounce is 23 almonds.

These handouts have a handful of other ideas on how to measure the right portion, and then there are always our perfect-portion almond tins, which make things even simpler (and more stylish). 

Nutrition Consultation & Translated Services

Next-Level Nutrition

We know good nutrition can be complicated for your clients, so we created these helpful handouts to make the journey easier. From tips on reading the food label to food diaries and pantry checklists, the handouts below feature simple ways for your clients to start making powerful changes today.