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Almond Nutrition

Give your clients the facts on everything almonds have to offer, including how they stack up to different tree nuts, with our highly requested nutrient comparison chart.

Almond Nutrition Research: State of the Science 2013

Tree Nut Comparison

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All About Almonds

Almonds Every Day

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Heart Health

Put these heart-health and diet-specific resources to work for your clients who have high cholesterol, heart conditions or risk factors.

Nutrition Recommendations for Heart Health

Diet Improvements for Heart Health

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Snacking Tips

Get your clients on track to smarter snacking with these helpful snacking guides, which include tips for weight management.

Smart Snacking Tips

Snacking Guide

Gluten Free

These gluten-free living and almond flour fact sheets can help make the most out of your gluten-sensitive clients’ daily diets.

Almonds for Gluten-Free Living

Almond Flour and Gluten-Free Breakfasts


Help your clients take control of their portions by learning how to measure the right amount of almonds each day.

The Perfect Portion

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Perfect Portion Quick Reference Card

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Nutrition Consultation and Translated Resources

Check out these handouts that can give your clients a hand up in the nutrition department any day and every day. 

Navigating the Food Label

24-Hour Food Recall

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Making Diet Improvements

Pantry Checklist