Our Approach to Nutrition Research

Our Approach to Nutrition Research


Health and Nutrition Research: Fundamental To our purpose

Our Purpose: For over two decades ABC has invested in sound science to better understand the benefits of including almonds in healthy dietary patterns. The current body of almond nutrition research totals over 160 peer-reviewed publications in areas such as heart health, weight management, diabetes and blood sugar regulation and other areas of global public health concern.

In addition to supporting clinical and epidemiological nutrition research, we regularly analyze almonds for nutrient composition and share this data with USDA to continuously improve the strength of its nutrient database for almond products.

Our Philosophy: We are committed to learning how almonds can help address public health concerns and promote healthy lifestyles. We take great pride in the integrity of the research we fund. Once a scientifically robust study design is accepted for funding, ABC plays no role data collection, analysis, interpretation of the data or the writing and submission of research manuscripts for publication. We request that researchers disclose ABC as the funding source in their published papers and conference presentations.

  • Scientific planning sessions are held every three to five years to determine research direction and guide decisions on priority topics that should receive funding.
  • A majority of the research projects we fund are sourced via a systematic request for proposals (RFP) process. When a specific research topic represents an area in which expertise, resources, or the necessary study population is limited, specific research groups may be approached based on their expertise and research experience. In either case, all projects are reviewed by a body composed of researchers and industry members with scientific and technical expertise. Projects are selected based on scientific merit.
  • Researchers are required to submit results from all completed studies for publication.

Our Research Communications: We take great care to communicate study results and implications accurately and responsibly. All press releases and other written communications related to results of ABC-funded research are reviewed and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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