The third and final segment of Almond Board of California’s (ABC’s) series of educational sustainability workshops will begin April 23, addressing the topics of energy stewardship and air quality.
An important change in the 2014 farm bill connects eligibility for crop insurance premium subsidies with conservation compliance requirements, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Following the success of the team of health and fitness experts led by Alison Sweeney, host of “The Biggest Loser,” the Almond Board of California (ABC) has once again engaged a Life Squad to interact with media on food, nutrition and fitness.
Green almonds are a seasonal delicacy for people familiar with the Middle East, and some California Almond growers are catering to that niche market in the U.S. Green almonds are harvested mid-April to mid-June, before either the nut or the shell starts to harden, making the making the entire nut — including the hull and the shell — edible.
A recent almond study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association is making headlines around the world.
Now that the honey bees have all but finished their annual pollination ritual in our orchards, they’re ready to move on to the next crop bursting with spring nutrition.
Almond Board of California has released election results for the Board of Directors positions whose terms of office are March 1, 2015, through Feb. 28, 2016.
Among food products made with almonds, the bar category is growing rapidly, with room for even more innovation. In fact, according to Market Research Insight, breakfast/granola bars are eaten by 46% of all U.S. adults. 1 According to consumers in a recent survey, almonds were the most desired ingredient nut in their...
In February, the Almond Board’s Global Technical and Regulatory Affairs (GTRA) program cohosted the Agriculture Transportation Coalition’s Shipper Workshops in Fresno and Sacramento. The well-attended workshops provided a forum for shippers and related industries to discuss the challenges they are facing, especially...
Experts including farm advisors and Almond Board researchers continue to share the latest news and research at almond workshops in the northern, central and southern almond growing regions.