Apply Now for Almond Leadership Program

The Almond Board is looking for the California Almond industry’s best and brightest new members to apply for the 2014 Almond Leadership Program! This is an exciting opportunity for future industry leaders to gain a well-rounded education and explore the different facets of almond production, marketing, and other issues in California Almonds.

The one-year Almond Leadership Program covers topics ranging from the budding process at a nursery to marketing almonds all around the world through monthly seminars. Current environmental, production, food safety and trade regulation topics are also discussed throughout the program.

If you or someone you know would like to participate in the Almond Leadership Program, applications and additional information are available online at the “Program Application” tab here. The 2013 participants will also be available to answer questions on Thursday, Dec. 5, at The Almond Conference. To learn more about the Almond Leadership Program, contact Kendall Barton by email or (209) 343-3245.

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