California Almonds Continues Expansion into Social Media

With the re-launch of the consumer website (see, we are even better equipped to emphasize the long-term value of what is arguably the best food on the planet.

However, a more useful website is just the first step. We would be remiss if we ignore the prevalence and penetration of social media. According to Pew Research Center, 72% of U.S. adults in 2013 used social media sites, presenting us with more vehicles to send messages to consumers. Our goal is to leverage any social media platform to bring consumers back to its respective California Almonds website, where we can provide them with unique and valuable almond-centric information.

Using the North American website ( as an example, in addition to an updated interface and visually-appealing content, there is an undeniable focus on social media. You will immediately notice a heavy presence of California Almonds on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. At the end of 2013, we launched on the popular photo-sharing social platform Instagram, and in early 2014, launched the image-friendly platform Pinterest.

In the United Kingdom, nearly 60% of adults visit social networking sites with Facebook being the most-used social media platform. Of the 5.8 million women aged 35-54 on Facebook, 76% of them are active users. In January 2014, the California Almonds UK team launched a Facebook Page to reach and converse with interested consumers. We will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of leveraging social media in France and Germany.

South Korea is another country where Facebook and Twitter usage is the highest, and where we have a social presence. Unlike North America and Europe where Google is the dominant search engine, Naver – the country’s leading search engine - has its own social service: the Naver blog. We have determined that having a presence on this blog would generate even greater interest for California Almonds.

Another country where social media cannot be ignored is China. Armed with its own set of proprietary social media sites, the China team has evaluated that having a presence on Twitter-like Sina Weibo and the mobile instant messaging platform WeChat are the two most important platforms to tout the benefits of consuming California Almonds.

You will find California Almonds on social media in the following countries:
North America

South Korea

United Kingdom

WeChat ID: California_Almonds

We look forward to continuing to make California Almonds essential to consumers around the world.

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