California Almonds Cultivates Its Online Presence

For the past several months, Almond Board has been working closely with various teams across the globe to reposition California Almonds on the ever-evolving World Wide Web.

It is the Almond Board’s approach to periodically audit and evaluate ways to realign our website to current online marketing trends, thereby ensuring maximum exposure of almond-related messages to our target audiences.

Analytics show that user engagement on our website (how many pages they view, for how long they stay on any particular page, and how many exit altogether upon visiting) could be vastly improved upon. A refreshed website would not only contribute to better analytics, it would also improve our search ranking.

As part of the new website launch, we spent a considerable amount of time adhering to the following objectives:

  • Build awareness and increase usage of almonds among consumers, health professionals and food professionals in key opportunity areas.
  • Be the go-to resource for information about almonds for all stakeholders.
  • Educate and inform the almond industry.
  • Act as the ‘hub’ of all online (e.g., social media) information, making almond content easy to find and share.
  • Optimize for social media platforms and mobile devices.

One of the most notable changes with the redesign is the change in our website URL from to (Note: In the near future, will forward to the new URL). The driving force behind this change is to convey to consumers that the Almond Board of California is the leader in almonds., a keyword-rich domain name, can have a positive impact on search engine ranking, making it easier for all target audiences to find the information they are looking for on almonds from the Almond Board of California. In addition, from this point forward, users — including growers and handlers — will default to the North American consumer homepage to highlight our domestic marketing activities.

The North American website with the new domain,, was relaunched at the end of last year. The European websites followed shortly thereafter, and by summer, the South Korean and Almond Growers/Handlers websites will be redesigned.

You will find California Almonds on the web at:
North America:
United Kingdom:

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