California Almonds Got the Part!

As part of the continuing efforts to build consumer demand for nutritious and delicious California Almonds, Almond Board has partnered with a new hit drama TV series in South Korea to incorporate almond imagery and messages into the story line.

The TV series is a family drama called “Heirs,” and tells the stories of affluent Koreans, which is aspirational for all Korean consumers. The show airs on the SBS network on Wednesdays and Thursdays during prime time evening TV.

One episode was filmed in a Turlock area almond orchard, which is depicted as a part of an affluent Korean’s large “family business” of growing almonds in California. Throughout the season, various actors are shown snacking on almonds in different situations and integrating messages why to choose almonds as a nutritious snack. A huge bonus to this partnership for the California Almond industry is that Korean dramas are widely popular around the world, with followers in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and, of course, the U.S.

Full episodes of the drama can be seen on either or

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