Journalists from India Visit Almond Country at Bloom

At the end of February, in the midst of full bloom (and the first rainstorm in 17 days), nine journalists from top news publications in India, one of the fastest growing emerging markets for California Almonds, visited an orchard and handling facility near Modesto. Members of the tour represented media such as Times of India, Pioneer, Deccan Chronicle, Punjab Kesari, Saakshi, and Siasat. The group was invited by Almond Board of California to learn more about the growing region and the latest in almond nutrition research. They also experienced almond products and uses that are not seen in India today.

The goal of the visit was to show the care, attention and dedication the almond community takes in growing almonds from the bloom stage all the way through to when consumers pick up one of many almond products and enjoy delicious California Almonds.

A tour of the California Almond industry is one of the most effective activities the Almond Board of California can provide the media. A visit to the place where almonds are grown provides a long-lasting impression.

The Handle